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Key Kong Locksmith is the best agency in Denver dedicated to Key Cutting and Re-Programming.

Losing your car keys is no longer something to worry about. Our team got your back.

With the rapid adoption of laser key cuts and sidewinder keys, key cutting in Denver has become a very specialized service. Many locksmith agencies or technicians will tell you that they do not perform laser key cutting or that sidewinder keys would only be cut by dealerships.

There are many reasons for them to say this. Adequately cutting a specific key needs extremely high levels of precision and attention to detail. It is only through an extensive process of training and certification that a master locksmith becomes capable of cutting certain kinds of key. Plus, the machines for the job are really hard to come by.

Needless to say, Key Kong Locksmith specialists possess both the training and the tools required for the job. We have proven to be able to faithfully copy any type of car key. Especially, those for new car models.

There is one more important thing we have and dealerships do not: Experience. Of course they know more about their cars, but we specialize in keys and locks, and nobody can beat us in our own field.


Do you need the code in order to cut a key?

Definitely, knowing the key code makes our job easier. Especially if you do not possess the physical copy of the key you want to replicate.

There are indirect and direct codes used to identify the blanks our specialists need in order to cut your key. They are often printed on the tag that came with the keys, it might be imprinted on the key itself, or it could even be on the lock´s faceplate. If you do nothave any of these, you could call the manufacturer in order to get a VIN.

If the code cannot be obtained through any of these ways, we might have to disassemble the lock to get the code from the barrel.

What about the transponder chip?

We also offer transponder chip reprogramming so your key matches your ignition lock seamlessly.

Transponders can make the cutting and duplication process a problem for inexperienced locksmiths. Fortunately, Key Kong Locksmith in Denver is here to help you.

We have the right tools for the job. Meaning that we can cut AND reprogram a transponder key in minutes. Our mobile units are fully equipped to get the job done no matter where they are.

This means that in the case you have lost your key, or that it broke inside the lock, we can go right where you are, get your key cut and programmed in a breeze, and get you back on the road in minutes.


If you lost your car keys you do not have to worry anymore.

If you need a new key cut and reprogrammed, make sure to have:

  • Your car key code: It can be found printed on the chassis or your registration documents.
  • Proof of ownership: We need to be sure you are the rightful owner for security reasons. We will need to see a picture ID and the log book.
  • Your code card or VIN: To program the key´s chip, bring the code card supplied by your manufacturer.

Of course, you might have lost your codes. We can contact the dealership to retrieve your data in order to get you a new copy. If this is not possible, we can also reprogram your car´s receiver or ECU to accept a new chip.