Car Key Replacment

Only experts in the automotive field know how to perform car lock replacements and anti-theft measures installations.
Do not let anyone tamper your car locks and electric system. They could seriously disturb your car´s performance permanently. Only trust certified locksmiths for the job.

Car Lockouts

It can happen to anyone. No matter where you are in Denver, one of our ever ready mobile units are always a few minutes away. We’ll let you in your car as quickly as possible without hidden fees. Call us now and get back on the road without delay!

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New Car Keys

If you need a new spare key, or you lost your car keys, you do not have to worry. At Key-Kong Locksmith we create key duplicates for any brand and model. Even those labeled “impossible to duplicate”. Just bring your key to us and have your key duplicated in no time.

Transponder Keys

Whether or not your current transponder has malfunctioned or you’ve just decided that the ability to remotely unlock/lock could be of use to you, our techs can install the technology you want. Our professionals are able to set-up and repair key-less entry systems or even bypass systems already in place if you happen to be in a lock-out situation.

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Ignition Repair/ Replace

The ignition cylinder is a truly sturdy piece of hardware. However, it can also suffer from tear and wear. If you notice any sign of it acting up, do not leave it for later. If you do, you could experience a total car lock down and be unable to start it.
Call your professional locksmith team in Denver and have your ignition system checked, adjusted or replaced in minutes. No matter the brand or model. We can do it all on site if you are having an emergency.

We also perform on-site key extraction.

Locks Repair/ Replace

If you feel your lock is no longer working smoothly, or you need to upgrade your car´s security system, call our locksmith professionals right away and we will repair or replace your lock with haste. Do not leave your door unprotected. Have our experts check your door and assess the damage and dangers of keeping the same old lock. We promise the best prices in Denver for locks for any make and model.

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Key Fobs

The most common one-factor authentication system for cars. These small and discreet security devices interact with your car´s Engine Control Unit (ECU), making it impossible to drive if your fob is not close to the ignition system.

If you find it hard to start your car, or shift from P, take your keys and fob to our experts and we´ll check if the ECU can recognize your fob.

Please, be aware that only professional and certified locksmiths should have access to your car´s ECU. Key Kong Locksmiths have the appropriate equipment and expertise to check, test and reprogram the ECU, while making sure your car´s electronics remain intact.

Remote Key Programming

Have your remote key checked with the best locksmiths in Denver: Key Kong will reprogram your remote or transponder key with no problem. If your remote is damaged or lost, we can provide you with a new one that only interacts with your car´s ECU and electronic system.

We reprogram remote keys for every model made before and after 1995. No security system poses a challenge to us. Bring your car and our master locksmith will check it for you in minutes. We also have mobile units ready to go wherever you are.