12 Activities For Kids and Parents To Enjoy In Denver

It is not always easy to keep our kids entertained at home. As parents, we are always looking for new places to take our kids out so they can enjoy themselves, learn, and live new experiences. Here is a compilation of some of the best places to take your kids if you live in or plan on visiting Denver, Colorado.

Every child is different. So we listed a wide diversity of places to see and things to do that you can choose as destination depending on your children’s interests and mood.

If you and your kids prefer to enjoy indoor activities, here are six places where their imagination, creativity, and knowledge will be challenged and enriched in the comfort of a closed space. Who said learning can’t be fun?

1. Have you ever seen a real dinosaur?

Now you can! Check out the Prehistoric Journey exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. There, your children will have the chance to take a trip back in time and learn how life on earth came to be and evolved. The exhibit includes dinosaur fossils (we never said you would see living one!) The Prehistoric Journey is only one in more than ten exhibits especially designed for children. Current exhibits include bioluminescence, health, wildlife, Mexican culture, geology, astronomy, and more.

2. Denver Art Museum

This eclectic museum offers a wide variety of exhibits and shows for children and adults alike. Children can enjoy the animal-themed art-making activities, story-telling, and plays, as well as a fun way to explore the museum through the gallery games.

3. A trip through the history of transportation

This museum features a collection of more than 600 pieces related to the history of transportation. The exhibits include sea, air, and land transportation artifacts from all ages and forms of transportation. This consists of vehicles and transportation accessories such as cars (of course), buggies, trains, airplanes, bicycles, apparel, toys, models, and more. A particular favorite of mine is Amelia Earhart’s 1923 Kissel ‘Gold Bug’. The pioneer pilot took this beauty in a road trip across the country and called it the Yellow Peril. Did you know that Amelia Earhart learned to fly before she learned how to drive a car?

On that note, another place your kids will probably enjoy is the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum or simply Wings. With 50 aircrafts on display and flight simulators, this museum is a must for kids of all ages. They also offer an array of activities for kids to go on free flights, pretend to be astronauts, and participate in workshops on the history of air space and on what is like to be an engineer.

4. Denver Firefighter Museum

This is the perfect place to learn about fire safety and prevention. The Museum offers a range of vibrant exhibits as well as hands-on activities for visitors of all ages to learn about the history of Denver’s Fire department and about fire hazard and preventive measures.

5. Enjoy a fantastic view of sea life.

And have a delicious meal while you are at it. We are talking about the Downtown Aquarium and the 150K-gallons of exhibit surrounding its restaurant. This multifaceted aquarium offers a perfect environment for kids to explore and learn about sea life. The entire family can enjoy a day marveling at the variety of sea creatures and other wildlife or if you prefer, just enjoy a nice meal just as if you were under the sea.

6. A museum especially dedicated and especially designed for children.

The Children’s Museum of Denver is a child-centric space where children of all ages can enjoy interactive exhibits, while they learn about science and art. There are more than 20 exhibits especially designed to enrich children’s brain development in a fun and entertaining way.

If your children prefer to play outside, or if you want to change the daily scenery of the city, breathe fresh air, and step away from your everyday life, here are six places to visit for outdoor fun and hands-on learning experiences (or just fun).

7. Elitch Gardens Theme Park

This park has been part of Denver’s leisure scene for more than 100 years. It is located in central Denver and it is the perfect combination of water- and theme park. If you enjoy rollercoasters, water slides, and all sort of fun rides and games, this is the place to take your kids. Elitch Gardens is open from April to October so you are still on time to get pre-season tickets. This year they have added expanded their entertaining activities with family shows, concerts, and dive-in movies that the family can enjoy.

8. More Splashing fun

If your children can´t get enough of one water park here is another! And it is the largest water park in the U.S. and listed as one of the best ten waterparks in the country. Here, you and your children can enjoy more than 50 water rides and other outdoor fun activities.

9. Check out animals from all over the world

Visit the Denver Zoo and explore the fauna of five continents. What kid doesn’t love watching elephants, lions, and bears? This zoo has more than 4000 specimens that make up more than 600 species. Here, children can not only watch interesting wildlife, but also learn about it. They have various animal shows, interactive exhibitions, and feeding sessions that will keep your little ones entertained.

10. Let them explore Colorado’s natural beauty and resources

Take your kids to the Mordecai Children’s Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens. This place is perfect for children and families to discover the natural world of plants. Here, children can experience six different Coloradoan ecosystems while enjoying and learning about the wonders of plant life. There, ecosystems change with the seasons, so every few months the experience is a completely different one.

11. Enjoy Colorado’s Natural Beauty

One of the most outstanding features of Colorado is its natural beauty. From the stunning Rocky Mountains to the beautiful waters of the Colorado River, there are many parks in and around Denver for children to enjoy the great outdoors. There are 41 state parks with more than 4000 campsites and other types of affordable accommodation throughout the state’s natural parks. These parks are located next to the city or far away from it, and visitors can enjoy mountains, rivers, forests, and more. It can be as exciting as you can handle. Whitewater rafting, for example, or as chilled out as simply watching the sunset while enjoying a picnic. The activities you can do are as diverse as the scenery itself.

Here is a list of some of our favorite parks and other natural areas where you can take your kids to enjoy a day out:

  • Chatfield Park
  • Confluence Park
  • Sloan Lake
  • Cherry Creek

There, you and your family can spend time at the beach, go biking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, boating, bird-watching, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and more. You can also spend several days camping. Check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website to plan your visit.

12. Visit a National Natural Landmark

Imagine exploring an actual paleontological excavation site! Dinosaur Ridge is just outside Denver. It is one of the top dinosaur track sites in the U.S. and the world! It has a long history of fossil discovery, dating all the way back to the mid-1800’s and they offer a range of activities and dig areas for children to experience what is like to discover your own fossil. Talk about exciting!

As you can see, there is no need to keep your kids locked in your house during the weekends or spring, summer, and winter vacations, as Denver offers activities and places for all ages and all seasons. You might be having problem with your locks at home if you do it, but don’t hesitate to look for Denver Locksmith.

Make sure to check these places for a day, a weekend, or a week of fun, learning, and changing the routine. You and your children will be happier and slightly wiser afterwards.