What Can Our Residential Locksmith Experts Offer?

Most people only think of residential locksmiths when they are having problems with their locks. It is only when they get locked out, or lose their keys when they start looking for one. But the truth is that residential locksmiths have a lot more to offer than just getting you out of trouble.

If you want to increase the security of your home, we are the ones you should come to for answers.

Crimes against private property are on the rise in the area of Denver, and we feel it is our duty to offer the best solutions to protect your life and possessions.

That is why we offer a wide variety of high grade and high security locks for our residential clients, along with expert installation and service. It is really important for you to have locks that can withstand direct attacks and also be elegant to give your front entrance a warm and welcoming touch.

Installing High Security Doors

There are many retailers that offer high security doors and locks but do not actually give information about their uses and requirements. For example, the best high security doors need a door frame strong enough to hold it, as well as a reinforced walling.

A qualified and honest locksmith would first visit your property, measure your door frames and assess the construction materials of your home. Then you will be given a list of the best options for making your home more secure by installing a high security door.

Replacing your locks also require an evaluation of your door. It is of no use to install a high grade lock on a feeble door. And the door frames should also be able to fit the specific latch and plate. There are other things to consider, such as installing the right kind of deadbolt.

Elegance is one other factor when deciding what kind of door, lock and knobs to install. We have the widest variety of options for you to choose from, and our knowledgeable personnel will be happy to assist you and answer all the questions you might have regarding home security and interior/exterior design.

new lock installaion

Need to renovate your home interior doors?

We have the most elegant knobs and locksets to make your home safer, warmer and more welcoming than ever.

We have knobs and handle sets in every finish. We have bronze, nickel, satin, vintage, you name it. All of them come in a variety of models and uses for every area of your home. Passage door knobs, privacy locks with single button mechanisms, keyed entrance locks or dummy. Give every area of your home the right access privilege.

Remember to only let certified residential locksmith perform the installation and service of your locks if you want them to really provide the safety and peace of mind you are looking for.

More than just locks and doors

Our expert technicians can also install the latest access control systems specifically made for residential use. Give specific access privileges to others, or can even have the ability to open your door remotely by using your smart phone. We work with the most reputable brands in the market, guaranteeing a seamless installation, perfect functioning and first grade security for your home.


Have your locks and access control system upgraded today!

If you want to install the latest locks and access control system, or if you have one and want to service it, just call Key Kong Locksmiths in Denver and our experts will give you a no-obligation quote. You will see that we also offer the most competitive prices in the city.